How do you sign an Adobe PDF in Adobe Acrobat X?


How do you sign an Adobe PDF in Adobe Acrobat X?


This knowledge base article will guide you through the simple process of digitally signing a PDF document in Adobe Acrobat X.  This procedure has changed from previous versions of Adobe.
  1. First open up the document you want to sign in Adobe Acrobat X.

  2. On the right hand set of options, select Tools and then select Sign & Certify.  This will expand the Sign & Certify section to reveal more options.

  3. Once you have expanded Sign & Certify, click on the Place Signature button.

  4. A window will appear that explains how to place the signature.  Drag and hold the mouse cursor on the document in the location that you want your digital signature to appear.  As you hold the left mouse button while dragging, you will noticed a blue box will appear and resize from the origin of your drag.  Use this blue box to create the size of your signature.  You can see a simple example of this in the screenshot below.

  5. Once you let go of the left mouse button after dragging, the following window will appear:

    In this window, you can alter the following options to customize your signature:

    • Sign As: - Use the drop down in this field to select between signing certificates. The common name of your certificate will appear in the drop down.  This is generally your full name.

    • Appearance: - With this drop down, you can change the appearance of how your signature appears on the document once you have finished signing it.  You can also select the Create New Appearance option to customize your own signature look.

    • Lock Document After Signing - This check box allows you to lock the document from further editing after the signature is placed.

  6. When you are finished, click on the Sign button.

  7. Adobe will prompt you to save the a copy of the signed document.  Navigate to where you want to save your document and provide it a new file name.  When finished, click on the Save button.

  8. Note: If the digital certificate that you are signing with is on a cryptographic hardware device; such as a smart card or usb token; you may be prompted to enter in the password to access this device at this point in time.

    Note: First time users that are using a QuoVadis Advanced+ or QuoVadis Qualified certificate may see the following window appear:

    Check the Remember this action for this site for all PDF documents checkbox and click on the Allow button.

    The digital signature should be placed on the document.  In the diagram above, you can see the highlighted features that display that a document has been digitally signed.

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