How do I install a token-based certificate through Trust/Link?


How do I install a token-based certificate through Trust/Link?


This guide will explain the process for installing a certificate directly onto a SafeNet iKey token through Trust/Link.  You must have the SafeNet Authentication Client already installed.  You must also ensure that your iKey token is inserted into your computer and recognized while performing this process.

Certificate Process

  1. You will receive a Registration Invitation email from TrustLink (do-not-reply) <>.

  2. Click on the hyperlink in the email.  This will open up Trust/Link in your browser.

  3. Enter in your email address and the answer to the Shared Secret question.  If none is specified or you are not sure what the answer to your Shard Secret question is then you should contact QuoVadis support.

  4. Once you have authenticated, you will be presented with the Web Access Confirmation window. Click on Yes.

  5. Confirm that the details in your certificate are correct.  If they are not, you should contact QuoVadis support.

  6. Select the SafeNet Smart Card Key Storage Provider as the Cryptographic Provider from the drop down list.

  7. Note: If you are using Windows XP, then you may not see this option available.  If this is the case, then please contact QuoVadis support who can advise you further.

  8. Type in a strong password and confirm this password.  You must satisfy all of the criteria marked off by X's beneath the entry field.  As you satisfied this criteria, the red X's will turn into checkmarks.  This password is currently limited to 12 characters.

  9. Once satisfied, click on the the Confirm button.  If any of the required fields are not correct, you will prompted to redo any of the above steps.

  10. You will prompted with your token password.  Enter in the password to your token.  This is the password that you set while initialising your token.

  11. Once you have entered in your token password correctly, your token will flash.

  12. Important note:  Although it appears that nothing is happening, the private key is being generated onto your token.   The Confirm button should be greyed out.  You must wait until the next page loads before you can continue.  If you interrupt this process, you could damage your private key which could render the certificate unusable.

  13. When you receive confirmation that Your request has been sent to be processed, you may close the webpage.

  14. You will receive a Notification of Certificate Ready for Download email from TrustLink (do-not-reply) <>.

  15. Click on the hyperlink in the email.  This will open up Trust/Link again in your browser.

  16. Enter in your email address and the password that you set in Step 7 of this guide.

  17. Important note: If you have forgotten this password, then you will need to be issued a new certificate request as Trust/Link administrators do not have access to this password.

  18. Once you have authenticated again, click on the Install Your Certificate button.

  19. You may be prompted with another Web Access Confirmation.  If so then click on the Yes button.

  20. You may also be prompted to enter your token password again.  If so then please enter in the password to your iKey token to continue.

  21. You will receive a window that confirms the successful installation of your certificate.

  22. The webpage will also change to confirm this.

Confirming That Your Certificate Is Installed Correctly

Open Internet Explorer with the token inserted into your computer.

Navigate to Tools > Internet Options > Content tab > Certificates button.

In the Certificates window, select on the Personal tab and you should see your certificate in the list.

Double-click on this certificate.  When the new window opens, you should see that You have a private key that corresponds with this certificate.

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